1964 Pontiac GTO


Considered by most to be the first true American muscle car.  The 1964 GTO is still highly sought after today, especially the 2 door post.


The red on red color scheme makes an awesome statement wherever you take the GTO.  This car shows extremely well inside and out and underneath as well.  The paint on the car is slick and shiny without any rock chips or cracks and the interior is just as nice.  The underside of the car is just as clean and tidy as the rest with rust free floor pans.  Under the hood lurks Pontiacs finest…a 1970 GTO Judge HO 455 cubic inch motor.  This was Pontiac at its best!!  Included with the sale is a date code correct 1964 389 motor with the 3 deuce set up. 


This car is a pleasure to drive with effortless power steering and automatic transmission.  It can be driven anywhere, anytime with no issues.