1978 Pontiac Trans Am


This Trans Am is a numbers matching (Engine, Transmission and Rear End) and only has 26,609 original miles.   Documentation proves the mileage.  There were only 1,267 4-Speed’s made out of 7,786 total with the W72 Performance Package.  The original window sticker, build sheet and owner’s manual are also available to document this car.  It is in phenomenal condition inside and out.   The Martinique Blue paint was a one year paint color which makes this car all the more special.  According to PHS, only 16.9% of TransAm’s built in 1978 are in this rare and very desirable color and it is rare to find one with the original Martinique “24” paint code.  The black interior is original as well and shows no wear.  To make this amazing car even more special, it is a radio delete car.  Taking 3rd place at the Trans Am Nationals is an honor this car got in 2014.

The W72 Performance Package was an engine option on the base 6.6 Liter 400 CID engine that provided an additional 20 horsepower over the stock engine and was labeled as the T/A 6.6. Pontiac achieved this additional horsepower by beefing up the 4-barrel carburetor, adding a cam with 20 more degrees of duration, a new low restriction dual resonator exhaust system, and adding an air cleaner with a larger snorkel.

This vehicle was built in Van Nuys, California and shipped to the Frank Shaver Pontiac dealership in Highland, Indiana.  The W72 special performance package was ordered with this car and it includes the 6.6 Ltr (400) 4 bbl V8 engine, the prized snowflake/honeycomb wheels and the special handling package.  The WW8 code verifies the Rally Gauges.  The YR1 code on the build sheet indicates that it truly was built with the custom front seats (buckets).  Power windows, Doors locks, Tilt steering wheel, Roof drip molding, Front and Rear floor mats, Additional acoustical insulation, Soft Ray glass in all windows and Electric rear window defroster were also included and are shown on the Window Sticker.  The 4 speed transmission makes your heart beat fast as you go through the gears on this beast. 

The sheet metal has been verified to be all original and rust free.  This car is absolutely a low mileage survivor car and is in show condition.

The VIN breaks down as follows:


2    = Pontiac
W  = Trans Am
87 = Sport Coupe
Z   = 400 Engine
8   = 1978
L   = Van Nuys, California
153741 = Production Number

The Trim Tag is as follows:

ST 78 2FS87 L 172244  BDY
TR 19N   A51W24LW24U  PNT
03D    B 3     239937

The 1st line means that it is a 1978, 2FS87 = Car Model Line,  L = Van Nuys, 17224 is the Fisher body number

19N = Interior Trim Code, A51 = Bucket Seats, W24LW24 paint code (Martinique Blue),

03D Build Date (4th week of March 1978)   B3  239937

The Engine Number breaks down as follows:

28L 153741 WC

28L shows that it is a Pontiac, 1978 and Van Nuys, California
The 153741 shows that this engine was born in the car (matches last 6 of the VIN)
The WC shows that it is a 6.6 Ltr 400 Engine

The Transmission breaks down as follows:

WB2082 = Drivers Side Stamp
1-16-78  =  Passenger Side Raised Cast Code
2DL 153741 Passenger Side Stamped Code (last 6 of VIN)