1955 Chevy Bel Air 4 Door Sedan


This is a 1955 Chevy BelAir 4 door sedan that is a numbers matching and it is mostly all original. We believe it has had 1 repaint, however, it was repainted in its original Neptune green/Shoreline beige color scheme. The paint is not in perfect condition, but it shows extremely well. The interior and upholstery is original as well and it shows no signs of wear. The carpet has been replaced with the original Daytona Weave carpet that would have been in the car when it was new. This BelAir has only 29,704 documented original miles and comes with a 265 cu V8 engine with a powerglide automatic transmission. The engine is original to the car along with the transmission and rear end.

Everything works as it should including the clock (keeps perfect time) and the radio. These are not factory aftermarket either. They came with the car the day it came from the factory. This beauty is like looking at a time capsule and will bring a smile to your face.

The body on this car is in extremely good shape and would make a great car to drive to car shows on the weekends.

It is a pleasure to drive and you can do so with confidence since there are no issues with this car.

The VIN is VC55B198857 which breaks down as follows:

VC = BelAir 8 cylinder 2400
55 = 1955
B = Baltimore, MD
198857 = Production Number

The Trim Tag is as follows:

55-1019D = 1955 and Fisher Body Number which determines model and series
M39925 = M is for Baltimore, MD and 39925 is production number
Trim 510 = Green interior
Paint 613 = Shoreline Beige and Neptune Green

The engine code on this car is as follows:

03330T9 55 F
03330 is the production number, T = Tonawanda, 55 = 1955 and the F shows it is a 265 hp V8